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Purity Extracted by Nature

Pitampur Dairy- Since 1991

Pitampur Dairy

Dairy products constitute one of the five main food groups that together comprise a healthy and balanced diet. Significant amounts of protein are found in dairy products along with most of the micronutrients we need. These include calcium, the B-group of vitamins, vitamin A, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Milk and dairy foods can also help to improve bone and dental health and may have a role to play in protecting the body against hypertension.

Pitampur Dairy is in a continuous operation for more than three decades. The journey of “Dairy products” began in 1991, when the procurement of milk started with 25 Liters of milk in Village-Pitampur Chhatari, District-Bulandshahr with the only fundamental that worked right from day one is the quality.

In 2018, a new vision was started by the same name “Pitampur Dairy” to fulfil the demand for the nearby cities to provide pure and fresh dairy products and benefitted to health of consumers. More than three decades of a strong customer-focused approach and the continuous efforts for best quality have enabled us to have a strong presence in the market.

Pitampur Dairy established landmarks in dairy industry by making its purest form of milk products, (i.e. Khoa, Cheese, Curd, Sweets etc.). We make products without extracting any by-products from the milk and without mixing any admixture in it.

Why we?

Many times, valuable components are removed from the food and prohibited items are added to it for making money. Customers need to be extra careful during the festival season, as the demand for sweets increases during this time and the consumer could easily be cheated.

To make matters worse, the poor hygienic conditions in which most of the sweets are mass-manufactured to cater to the Diwali demand, could take a toll on the consumers’ health. Consumer is not only cheated of his money’s worth but adulterants are a big health hazard, she adds. 
The progress in dairy science and technology has increased the level of hygiene required during the manufacture of dairy products in order to preserve their nutrients. The modern dairy industry requires the use of cleanable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel equipment to meet the needs of milk product consumers everywhere.